An andriod app that uses OCR to create a shopping list!

Curriculum Learning With Unity ML-Agents

Teaching a team of hunters to capture their prey.
Control; Reinforcement Learning; Multiagent Learning; Unity

Particle Swarm Optimisation On The Cartpole Problem

Surprisingly competitive results using PSO on the cartpole problem!
Control; Reinforcement Learning; Metaheuristics

Brute Forcing The Cartpole Problem

Can we brute force a solution to the cartpole problem?
Control; Reinforcement Learning

Identifying Voting Blocs In The Eurovision Song Contest

Identifying voting blocs in the Eurovision Song Contest with data science
Networks; Statistics

Who Is The Most Important Person On In A Social Network?

Indulge my obsession with graphs and learn about network centrality!
Graph Theory; Networks; Centrality

Optimising The Boids Algorithm With Unsupervised Learning

We take a look at the famous Boids algorithm and increase its performance with unsupervised learning.
Natural Computing; Unsupervised Learning; Swarms

A.I. To Play Pong!

Join me in a series of blog posts detailing my quest to produce an 'unbeatable' Pong A.I.!
Reinforcement Learning; Multiagent Learning