Reinforcement Learning

Ant Colony Optimisation and Reinforcement Learning

My Masters Thesis, an overview and comparison of ACO and RL methods with multiple experiments in deception and the traveling salesperson problem. The piece was awarded a distinction.

Computational Intelligence

Theoretical Advances and Advanced Applications

I am the primary author of the 3rd chapter of the De Gruyter publication 'Computational Intelligence: Theoretical Advances and Advanced Applications'. Titled 'Ant Colony Optimisation and Reinforcement Learning' the chapter is co-authored with Dr Michael Herrmann of the University Of Edinburgh.

Curriculum Learning With Unity ML-Agents

Teaching a team of hunters to capture their prey using Curriculum learning.

A personal project to improve my knowelge of RL and to grow skills in the unity engine and tensorflow.

A.I. To Play Pong!

An introduction to Reinforcement Learning concepts and logic.